Property of Vicious (semchance) wrote in backroom_crack,
Property of Vicious

Update #12

Here we go. Lookit this. An update! Hoo-ha.

New Completed Orders From 17.Jun - 16.Aug
Patron Order Description Rating Server Price
-- Serendipity implied Artemis/Butler (AF) AA argentum_draco Donation to Save-the-Backroom Fund
rjinswand Cream Cake implied Crowley/Aziraphale (GO) AA julia_dreamer on pain of death

Annoucments From 17.Jun - 16.Aug
15.July.2006 - The dust becomes painful. The Backroom decides to take a little nap.
15.August.2006 - Silver refuses to let a dying dog die. Backroom wakes up from hibernation.
16.August.2006 - Riff and Sem dust things. Sem dies of her dust allergy. Riff carries on bravely and gets the Backroom straightened and updated.

General Question: Silver proposed this some time ago and we completely forgot about it:
Instead of just having the orders, what if we have monthly on-the-house-s? Like, someone posts a prompt, or challenge, and people respond with drabble(s) at the end of the month? And it's optional? That way, there's no pressure to write 500+ words or something when you've got an English paper due, but we still have something to put up every once in a while. Na?
Would you all be interested in that?

FAQ last updated 14.Jan.2006 @ 15.57.

Barista Update: 12 new requests, 3 pending.

38 served since 8.November.2005
...oo la la...
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