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The Backroom

Wine & Crack On Tap

Backroom Crack!Fics
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{{The Backroom}}
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Join if you want to work the bar. Friend if you want to stop by for pickmeups.
if Yaoi/Yuri/Het offends you, then we probably will too
{{The Crack Dealers}}
.: semchance; founder of The Backroom :.
.: julia_dreamer; first recruited barista :.
.: rjinswand; second willing barista :.
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octet_recs; for all the recommendations you need to request truly decent crack
fandom_reviews; for multi-fandom reviews of the good, bad, and ugly plot bunnies of potential crack
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15.July.2006 - The dust becomes painful. The Backroom decides to take a little nap.
15.August.2006 - Silver refuses to let a dying dog die. Backroom wakes up from hibernation.
16.August.2006 - Riff and Sem dust things. Sem dies of her dust allergy. Riff carries on bravely and gets the Backroom straightened and updated.

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