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Past Orders

Our crack dealers can get you anything. Our baristas can serve you anything. Take a look at the menu.

julia_dreamer The Backroom Spike/Tohma (CB/Gravi) VA semchance 6 chocolat bars
semchance Serpentine Tom Riddle/Orochimaru (HP/Naruto) AA julia_dreamer Spike/Tohma Part II
semchance Newcomers Squall Leonheart/Rufus Shinra (FF) Part I MT rjinswand Beta vesano!Catullus
semchance Kindred Spirit Walter/Riff (Hellsing/Godchild) VA rjinswand Profile Page
semchance The Man Who Loved Rufus Shinra/Squall Leonheart (FF) Part II VA rjinswand I Throw Myself Into
rjinswand Hello, I've Waited Here For You Ichigo/Ishida (Bleach); Everlong I.I MT semchance Culling Work
-- In Which Debora Meets Reiji Crack University Part I AA rjinswand On the House
-- Interviews Intro for Lucciola, Suguru, Kyoji; Gren/Riff, Cain/Riff kiss MT semchance On the House
rjinswand The Price Kakashi/Urahara (Naruto/Bleach) MT semchance Free Pass
argentum_draco Musings Otogi/Kakashi (YGO/Naruto) VA -- Donation
julia_dreamer Twisted Faye and Julia (CB) VA rjinswand GWH present
30_hugs Mine [Uncut] Tsume/Toboe (Wolf's Rain), Zabuza/Haku (Naruto) MT semchance challenge
julia_dreamer Alcoholic Aftereffects Cain/Malik (Godchild/YGO) VA semchance Forbidden
semchance Visitors - At the Office Rufus/Squall (FF) MT rjinswand GWH present
semchance Out of L'Inferno Dante/Vergil (Italy/Rome) AA rjinswand Everlong II
-- If You're Lucky Spike Spiegel/Urahara MT rjinswand On the House
rjinswand I Throw Myself Into Ichigo/Ishida (Bleach); Everlong I.II MT semchance The Man Who...
-- Joey's Mr. Raffit/Irving Berlin (Godchild/RL), chibi!Gren/chibi!Riff (CB/Godchild) AA semchance On the House
-- The Rips That Wakes Me Gren/Riff (CB/Godchild) MT semchance On the House
-- Awareness Gren/Riff (CB/Godchild) MT semchance On the House
argentum_draco & julia_dreamer With The Band Tohma/Ryu, Suguru/Ryu (Gravitation), 1812 Part I MT semchance Beta
argentum_draco & julia_dreamer Sound & Fury Tohma/Ryu, Suguru/Ryu, Tohma/Ryu/Suguru (Gravitation), 1812 Part II MT semchance Beta
MFP It's Sweet Walter (Hellsing) from The Backroom AA rjinswand MFP
-- Standing It Malik/Cain(+Otogi) (YGO/GC), Rai/Ren (Diabolo) AA semchance On the House
argentum_draco Chocolate Paradise Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto), Pip/Seras (Hellsing) MT -- Donation & Application
argentum_draco Degrading Artemis Fowl/Ishida Uryuu (AF/Bleach) MT semchance Free Pass
rjinswand Out of the Red Ichigo/Ishida (Bleach); Everlong II MT semchance Dante/Vergil
semchance Two Shots Vicious/Spike (CB) AA julia_dreamer NC-17 Spike/Vicious
floating_dreams Broken Doors Kakashi/Iruka, Sasuke/Naruto (Naruto); mpreg MT semchance informal request
semchance Stawberry's Dad one-sided Ishida > Isshin (Bleach); Songfic (Stacy's Mom) AA rjinswand Spiegel/Cooper
argentum_draco Adorable Purple/Green fluff AA julia_dreamer Musings
semchance Forbidden Zabuza/Kakashi (Naruto) MT julia_dreamer Alcoholic Aftereffects
-- Revert mini-muse orgy (multi) MT semchance Welcome-Back Gift
-- Voodoo n/a (multi) AA argentum_draco being Silver
escachick Salon Neji/Sasuke (Naruto) MT semchance Birthday Present
escachick You Neji/Sasuke (Naruto) VA semchance Birthday Present
-- Serendipity implied Artemis/Butler (AF) AA argentum_draco Donation to Save-the-Backroom Fund
rjinswand Cream Cake implied Crowley/Aziraphale (GO) AA julia_dreamer on pain of death
-- Aurum Est Potestas na (AF) AA argentum_draco Donation to Save-the-Backroom Fund

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