Property of Vicious (semchance) wrote in backroom_crack,
Property of Vicious

Intro Post

Okay, so.

It was a dark and stormy night. Sem was slightly dazed, and more than usually confused. It seemed she had a slight headcold. It also seemed that she'd had a bit too much medication in the space of two days.

She stumbled against a door, pushing it open without looking for a name. Shivering and coughing, she slunk over to the bar, dropping onto a stool and trying to formulate an order.

"Tea," a voice purred in her ear, "Earl Grey."

Sem blinked and looked up. Cain was smiling brightly over the edge of his own teacup at her, radiating his god-like influence over the quiet dark room. It took her a moment to register the arm wrapped around Cain's girlish waist. The arm led to a shoulder, and the shoulder was connected to Vicious. Sem feared for the implosion of her mind.

A cup of tea slid across the bar, lightly brushing into her fingers. She looked up to catch the tiny smile as Riff moved back, picking up a glass and wiping it lightly down. Behind her a saxophone began playing softly. Her eyes shifted to the mirror behind the bar, and Gren was revealed in the corner.

The Backroom had been discovered.
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