Property of Vicious (semchance) wrote in backroom_crack,
Property of Vicious

Rating System

Because the MPAA's rating system was strange anyway, I hereby establish my entirely made up rating system as the mean and mode for The Backroom. Because I can, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Backroom_Crack Ratings

AA (All Audiences) No violence, no swearing, no uber-angst, chaste kissing at most; for General Audiences
MT (Mature Toddlers) Mild violence, mild swearing, kissing but not suffocating with tongues; Parental Guidence suggested
VA (Vergil’s Aeneid) Violence, "adult" situations (like heavy angst), swearing of just about all forms, sexuality (mainly implied); Parental Guidence suggested for children under 13
WSI (Work Safe-Ish) Extreme violence, sexuality to the point of non-explicit sex; Restricted
OYO (On Your Own) Once you're describing what's physically happening in detail, you're there; No Children under 17

These ratings based on the system Nefyr told Sem to use a long time ago because he was tired of her randomly writing things which ranged from G to soft R without any warning whatsoever.
Note: These ratings will be used on the tables at backroom_crack. That's all.
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