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Meet the Cast

Because Sem is the only one who's actually plowed through scanlations of Count Cain, and the only one actually holding her breath until Godchild comes out in English, she has been requested to create profiles for the lesser known characters who hang around at the bar all the time. From there, the rest of the major players at The Backroom came into the light, and slowly the required profiles grew. We present to you, the Cast of Regular Characters.

Cain, the co-owner and head of management
Full name – Count (Earl) Cain C Hargreaves
Significance of name – He was named after the first son of Adam who defied God's will and slew his brother Abel in the Old Testament
Profession – Lord of Hargreaves Estate; first class British gentleman; avid collector of poisons; mini Playboy in the making; also head of management at and co-owner of The Backroom (secretly)
Significant Relationships – Has deep emotional connection with his older brother figure/valet Riff; most probably was hopelessly in love with Maridianna Everett
Family – Noble class; mother and birthmother both deceased through violence, father presumed dead after ‘suicide accident,’ younger half-sister Merriweather (by father and one of the maids) exceptionally doted on and protected; cousin/half-sister Judith deceased through poison accident/suicide; in constant life/death struggle with half-brother Dr. Jezebel Disiraeli over a number of things
Attitude – Approximately a gentleman, although he has a tendency to stick his nose in other people’s business and then take matters into his own hands; rather on the emotionally raw side; sarcastic, mannered, sometimes playful, and highly protective of those he cares for; 50% bastard and 50% angel
Apparel –Victorian trench coat-style overcoat (outside); variety of suits (three-piece and suit/pants), tie, white shirt (of normal or pirate variety), cane (silver tipped containing poison or black lacquered containing nothing)
Likes – Poison, Riff, Merry, Maridianna, women, danger, mysteries, England, tea
Dislikes – Delilah, Dr Jezebel, Alexis Hargreaves, Oscar hitting on Merry, people who refuse to bend to his will, too many questions
Fears – Anything bad happening to Merry or Riff, Dr Jezebel actually stealing his eyes, losing any more loved ones
Killed – Directly, no one; indirectly, upward of 25 at the very least
Weapon – Poison, disarmingly sexy smile; is also particularly good at smacking people with cane
Age – 17
Height – Not short, not tall
Hair – Dark brown
Eyes – Gold (sign of incest, very touchy point)
Handicaps – Emotional immaturity prompted by strong passions
How smart is he? Pretty damn smart; solves mysteries as a hobby aside from poison
How observant is he? Also very; he’s in love with “the little details”
Talks a lot or a little? Depends on how he’s feeling and who he’s with. He’s eloquent but also knows how to hold his tongue.
Special abilities – He has the ability to seduce literally everyone he comes in contact with. That counts.
Birthmarks/signature features – Whipping scars scattered all over his back, golden eyes (important enough to be repeated)

Gren, the head of entertainment
Full name – Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener
Significance of name – Born on Mars; Elijah is one visited by God in the Bible; Guo is Chinese for ‘bound’ (or ‘country’ … or ‘fruit’… I like ‘bound’)
Profession – Former soldier, saxophonist at The Blue Crow (and at The Backroom, secretly)
Significant Relationships – In love with Vicious, friendly with Spike, Julia, and Faye; in Backroom canon, dating Riff
Family – Unknown and/or unimportant
Attitude – Sweet as Tennessee iced tea, sociable, quick to smile and laugh, very gentle and caring, somewhat secretive on occasion
Apparel – baggy red shirt (to hide his chest) and tight black pants/jeans
Likes – Vicious, saxophone, music, Mars, Spike, Julia, Faye, people, bars, The Blue Crow, Callisto, Titan
Dislikes – Vicious, Spike, Titan
Fears – Not being able to say goodbye to the people and places he loves
Killed – Opposing forces in Titan War
Weapon – Gun
Age – 29
Height – 6'2"
Hair – Dark blue
Eyes – Green blue
Handicaps – Nostalgia and, erm… his man-boobies?
How smart is he? Very
How observant is he? Not as very
Talks a lot or a little? Talks if there are people worth talking to
Special abilities – Musically talented
Birthmarks/signature features – Feminine figure from hormone overdoses

Lucciola, a busboy
Full name-Lucciola (alternate spellings include: Luciola, Luciora)
Significance of name- "Lucciola" is Italian for firefly. The name was chosen for him by Dio, his master. All people of Lucciola's class are given insect names.
Profession-Assistant/bodyguard to Dio Eraclea; busboy at The Backroom (secretly)
Significant relationships-Dio's only friend, he would do anything for Dio, For more information about Lucciola's relationship to Dio, see this and this; serves Queen Delphine (Dio's sister) unquestioningly, unless Delphine hurts Dio; has one brother, Cicada, who follows Delphine to any extreme and would be willing to even kill Lucciola if Delphine ordered him to.
Family-His brother Cicada is his only family. He comes from a low class in the Guild. Has lived with Dio since he was a child, after Delphine "gave" him to Dio as a present.
Attitude-Always quiet and reserved. Subservient, kind, sensitive. Always awaits permission before acting.
Apparel-White bodysuit with gold collar and adornments, under a white cloak which has long slits as armholes, rather than sleeves. Boots and gloves are part of the bodysuit (no, I don't know how he gets in, either).
Likes-Dio, navigating ships, performing his duties well, food
Dislikes-People who hurt Dio
Fears-Showing emotion on his face; showing emotion in any other way; failing in his duties
Killed-Four people (at least) for Dio's sake
Height-Somewhat tall
Hair-Very light blond, short
How smart is he?-He can be extremely smart, when he actually thinks for himself. Otherwise he is only as smart as Dio (who is slightly smarter than your average person).
How observant is he?-He notices everything. Everything, I tell you!
Talks a lot or a little?-Generally, does not speak unless spoken to
Special abilities-Can jump very long distances so that it looks like he's flying. Excellent vanship navigator. Does not walk so much as float. Could kill your average person with no effort, and trained fighters with only slight effort.
Birthmarks/Signature features-Symbol on his forehead which shows his rank in the Guild (appeared there on his 17th birthday, when he became an adult by Guild standards). The symbol resembles a circle with a triangle above and below it.

Merry, who sneaks into the bar from time to time
Full name – Merriweather Hargreaves (called Merry)
Significance of name – Merry means joyous or cheery…
Profession – Lady of Hargreaves Manor until Cain decides to get married
Significant Relationships – Raised with a street urchin named Eric and his mother, both of whom she loved like family; enjoys Riff’s company and is comforted by his presence, especially when her brother is away; being courted by Oscar Gabriel, although she thinks he’s strange and kind of creepy; was in love with the young Gilford (as opposed to creepy possessed by the devil Gilford)
Family – Mixed classes; father Count (Earl) Alexis Hargreaves and mother maid at Hargreaves Manor; older half-brother Cain loved very deeply and affectionately
Attitude – Tough and street-wise from her childhood in the streets, trying to become sophisticated to please her brother, balances somewhere between being a little brat and being a little punk, states her mind at all times, disarmingly adorable, perhaps best described as “sassy”
Apparel – Cute little dresses and ribbons in her hair
Likes – Cain, fortune telling, sticking her nose in things she shouldn’t, making new friends
Dislikes – Being alone, Delilah and other people/things trying to hurt her brother or friends
Fears – Losing her brother, being trapped inside for the rest of her life
Killed – None, bless her innocent little soul
Weapon – Big sparkly anime eyes of doom
Age – 10
Height – Short
Hair – Blonde
Eyes – Blue
Handicaps – Being 10 years old and female in Victorian London
How smart is she? Very, both book-smart and street-smart
How observant is she? Usually observant enough but easily clouded by trust and faith
Talks a lot or a little? Prefers talking to other children or Cain/Riff, doesn’t generally like talking to other people since beginning her ‘finishing’ as is trying to become shyer and mild-mannered
Special abilities – Being adorable, tarot reading
Birthmarks/signature features – None

Oscar, owner of the Duquesa de Cardona hotel
Full name – Baron Oscar Gabriel
Significance of name – Possible Biblical allusion to the angel Gabriel (but probably not)
Profession – Baron; professional flirt and suitor, currently seeking the hand of Merriweather Hargreaves in marriage; owner of the Duquesa de Cardona (secrety)
Significant Relationships – Very good friends with Cain Hargreaves, although the tend to bicker, possibly has a mild crush on the Count (who looks like his deceased fiancée only male); somewhat in love with Merriweather Hargreaves; feels intense pangs of guilt (not love) for memory of Emeline Lauderdale
Family – Unknown and/or unimportant
Attitude – Rather slow, loud, tactless, mostly harmless and friendly, sometimes kind of creepy (eg his Lolita complex)
Apparel – Victorian trench coat-style overcoat (outside); variety of suits (suit/pants), tie, white shirt
Likes – Merry, Cain, women, men, Lolitas
Dislikes – Arguing with Cain too seriously, being hit over the head by Cain
Fears – Having to leave the Hargreaves alone, at which point his life would become meaningless
Killed – None
Weapon – His creepiness
Age – 20
Height – Taller than average
Hair – Brown
Eyes – Brown
Handicaps – Lack of total mental clarity
How smart is he? He’s not dumb, but he tends to come off that way
How observant is he? Not very at all whatsoever
Talks a lot or a little? Talks all the time, much to everyone’s chagrin
Special abilities – None
Birthmarks/signature features – None

Riff, the bartender
Full Name – Rifael Rafitt, called Riff
Significance of Name – His name condenses to Riff Raff, the name of the butler in Rocky Horror
Profession – hired as a butler for Hargreaves house and a manservant for Cain by Alexis Hargreaves; after Alexis’ “death” became head servant and the chief organizer of the Hargreaves household because of his influence over Cain, remains Cain’s personal valet; bartender of The Backroom (secretly)
Significant Relationships – The only trusted companion and older brother figure of Cain Hargreaves; one of the few people Merriweather gets along with without too much of a fight; in Backroom canon, dating Gren
Family – Middle class; parents and younger brother Clyde killed in tragic but mysterious fire while Riff was in medical school
Attitude – Quiet, calm, composed, gentle, noble, fiercely protective of his masters; mentally a little unstable (most likely from trauma from both the Hargreaves and his own family) and prone to emotional manipulation (but only by bastards like Alexis, who tend to eat everyone’s brains)
Apparel – Dickensian overcoat (outside), suit jacket and pants (usually black or grey), shirt, tie, socks, shoes
Likes – Cain, Merry, people Cain and Merry like, his job, cleanliness
Dislikes – Delilah and other things/people who want to hurt Cain or Merry, dirt, chickens stunned by poison which then have to be cooked for dinner
Fears – Losing Cain, anything bad happening to Cain or Merry, losing his job, being unhelpful
Killed – Probably a person or two, in defense of Cain and Merry
Weapon – Revolver, Cain’s poison collection
Age – 28
Height – Tall (rather)
Hair – Silver-blonde
Eyes – Blue
Handicaps – None
How smart is he? Very, almost scary smart
How observant is he? Also very; it comes with always looking for dust and with caring for small children
Talks a lot or a little? Doesn’t talk much, but when he does it’s to the point and useful
Special abilities – Has a few years of medical training, although he had a breakdown during medical school and therefore never became an actual doctor. Is also the only person who actually knows the story of Cain's birth and the only person allowed to see and/or touch the scars on Cain's back. Is also rather disarmingly sexy.
Birthmarks/signature features – Both wrists are heavily scarred from his suicide attempts after the fire

On tap: Profiles of Dr Jezebel (runs hospital down the road), Watari (is allowed to help out at hostpital), Fujisaki Suguru (busboy), Kyoji Ida (busboy)
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